Rusev Thought Undertaker Match In Saudi Arabia Was A Rib


(Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Miro, the man WWE fans will know as Rusev, has been waiting out his noncompete clause on Twitch, streaming video games to a growing number of fans. As is traditional for known stars jumping onto the live streaming platform, he often does Q&A between games, answering fan questions about wrestling and other topics. It’s during one of these sessions that the Bulgarian Brute disclosed a few backstage tales surrounding his match in Saudia Arabia with The Undertaker.

Starting off the clip, Miro suggests that he didn’t believe Vince when he first heard about the contest. “I got called in the office by Vince and he said ‘I got you working with Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.’ and I’m like ‘Hahaha, and I’m winning right?'” Miro sincerely believed that Vince was joking because his character was nowhere near the WWE legend. It was only after a talk with Road Dogg that he realized “what an asshole” he had been in the meeting.

Rusev also commented on the hubbub surrounding his removal and reinsertion into the match following a “rogue” tweet. He said that the “Bury me softly” post was overblown by everyone and that the Saudi prince himself called WWE to get him placed back in the contest. Apparently, Miro was so over in the country that he got to sit down to dinner with said Prince.

You can see the full clip from Rusev’s Twitch Q&A session on his ToBeMiroTV YouTube channel embedded below:

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