EC3 Continues To Tease His Next Move In New ‘No Honor’ Promo (Video)


Photo: EC3

The reverberations of EC3’s free agency are getting more and more intense as each evening passes and in his latest vignette, he doesn’t shy away from one particular promotion: Ring Of Honor.

It was just on yesterday’s IMPACT that the promotion played EC3’s original theme music and just this morning Ethan Carter’s “essential character” talked particularly about pro wrestling and the people involved in it have “no honor.” EC3 runs down the reason why the individuals of the “one true sport” are not true to themselves and how the people in the business insincerity exudes in physical, verbal and tactical form. He mentions how talents placate to a boss and read scripts verbatim as to not rock the boat. This all occurs in front of a familiar brick wall backdrop that we’re accustomed to seeing from EC3’s signature vignettes until his “no honor” foreshadowing pays off as we see him standing in front of a projected ROH logo.  You can see the brand new promo in it’s entirety below:

“There is no honor in what we do…⁣ ⁣ #Mockingbird#FalseFlag#ControlYourNarrative ⁣ ⁣#FreeEC3