Drew McIntyre Reveals His Dream List Of Opponents

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Drew McIntyre recently sat down with Sports Illustrated to discuss a handful of topics, including who the reigning WWE Champion would like to see in a match for the title. According to McIntyre, he has a list of what he considered to be dream opponents, and many would make for an excellent match.

According to McIntyre, there is only one person at the top of his list, and it’s longtime friend AJ Styles. “The top of my wish list is AJ,” he said. “We’re two ships in the night. When I was gone from the company and headed toward Impact Wrestling, he was on the way out and I just missed him. He went to Japan and even though a lot of independent shows tried to get us together, it never worked out. AJ went to WWE, I returned to WWE, but we were both bad guys on Raw. I thought it was finally about to happen, and then he went to SmackDown. Eventually, it’s going to happen.”

McIntyre also said that another opponent he’d like to potentially see in the ring is Jinder Mahal, the gigantic superstar who is a former WWE Champion himself. “Having that real background and that history with Sheamus, it’s the same with Jinder,” said McIntyre. “He’s another guy I want to wrestle. People universally praised my title win, but that wasn’t the case for Jinder. We’ve been through so much together, and it would make for some very interesting television.”

It isn’t just big and beefy superstars on his list, though, as McIntyre also listed former WWE Champion and fan-favorite Kofi Kingston as someone who is on his shortlist for opponents. “We tangled a lot during my first run in the company, and those were my favorite matches during that period,” said McIntyre. “Ten years later, we’re older and wiser, and that would come through in our matches. Kofi and I would have something way more special now than we did before.”

McIntyre lists a ton of other superstars in the full interview, so make sure to head over and check out who else he’d like to see get a shot at his title.

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