WWE Responds To COVID-19 Case With Developmental Talent (WrestleZone Podcast)

WWE confirmed last night that a developmental talent at the WWE Performance Center in Florida where they are taping television, has tested positive for the COVID-19. Today they have followed up by cancelling today’s taping to do more testing. As the world continues to deal with the Coronavirus and the state of Florida deals with rising positive cases while new sports ventures coming to the region, how will the wrestling industry respond and adapt? How does AEW play into all of this with their events in Jacksonville, Florida? Today’s WrestleZone Daily digs into this with Kevin Kellam and Robert DeFelice with special gusts, radio Jesse Kage from the ‘First Match’ podcast.

Please note we taped today’s podcast as some stories we discussed were developing in real time. 

Alson on this podcast, Kage shares stories from the funnier side of wrestler’s working lives, how his new podcast has broken new ground for storytelling, and which former WWE superstar got left in a parking lot after a show.


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