Randy Orton Challenges Christian To An Unsanctioned Match

Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

At WWE Backlash, Randy Orton won the Greatest Match Ever when he defeated Edge. The Viper kicked off WWE RAW this week to comment on the win. Orton said he did what he set out to do. “I humiliated Edge,” said Orton. “I wrote the final chapter in his story of redemption.”

Orton also said he gave Edge closure. The Viper said Edge saved him from his self-destruction years ago, and that’s what he did for Edge at WWE Backlash. Orton called himself the greatest wrestler ever. He thanked Edge because the Rated R Superstar reminded him what it feels like to be the Legend Killer. Orton bragged about tearing Edge’s tricep. “I had to make you suffer for your own good,” said Orton. Orton said he hears that Edge will be cleared in July 2029, and he hopes their paths will cross again.

Edge’s former tag team partner, Christian came to the ring. He called Orton a son of a b—- and said Edge has never quit, so his career isn’t over. “You don’t get a say in how this story ends,” said Christian. “He’s coming back.”

Orton told Christian this story isn’t about him; he’s just jealous. “You want one more match,” said Orton. Christian said he’s only defending Edge, but the Viper said in-ring competition was taken away from before he was ready to retire. Orton challenged Christian to an unsanctioned match but the offer was only good for tonight.

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