ROH Wrestling Results (6/15/20): A Spotlight On Silas Young

Last Man Standing Match for the Ring of Honor World Television Championship: Kenny King (c) vs. Silas Young (Replayed from ROH Supercard of Honor XII)

The competitors trade blows, and King suplexes Young. King takes control of the match, but Young takes him down with a clothesline. A swinging backbreaker drops Young. King grounds Young with some submission holds, but Young sends him crashing to the outside through a table. A sidewalk slam sends Young to the outside, and King hits a blockbuster off the apron. King plants Young with a spinebuster. He tries to slam Young, but his back gives out. Young hits Misery on the apron. Young hits King with trashcan lid several times. King kicks a chair into Young’s face and hits the Royal Flush onto a trashcan. Young barely answers the referee’s count.

King fights off an interfering Beer City Bruiser and hits him with a trashcan. Young capitalizes on the distraction and hits Young with a trashcan. King suplexes Young onto a ladder and hits a Shooting Star Press through a table. King tries to get up, but someone under the ring ties his feet together. Young answers the referee’s count. The man under the ring is Beer City Bruiser.

Winner and new ROH World Television Champion: Silas Young

After the match, Young says it’s been too long since he’s been a champion, but he’ll fix that soon. On a call with Woods, Young calls him a good partner and says their team is important. That’s why he’s choosing to play one of their matches.

2 Guys, 1 Tag (Silas Young and Josh Woods) vs. The Briscoes (Replayed from ROH Final Battle Fallout)

Woods and Mark Briscoe start the match and exchange technical holds. Young tags in and showcases his technical expertise. The Briscoes double-team Young and take control of the match. Both brothers dive onto their opponents outside the ring. Mark chops Young and suplexes him. Young rallies, Woods tags in and suplexes Jay. He grounds Jay, and Young hits a slingshot senton. Young and Woods isolate Jay, but he manages to tag Mark. A Spicolli Driver drops Woods, and Mark slams Woods. A Brainbuster plants Woods, who counters a Froggy Bow. Woods puts Mark in an ankle lock and hits a wheelbarrow German suplex. The Briscoes double-team Woods.

A Redneck Boogie earns Jay a two count. Young rocks Jay with a knee strike and an Anarchist Suplex. Woods suplexes Mark off the top rope. Woods battles with both Briscoes, and they hit him with a double shoulder tackle. Jonathan Gresham breaks up a Doomsday Device and Woods earns the pin with a German suplex.

Winners: 2 Guys, 1 Tag

Woods thanks viewers for watching and recaps the show. He says 2 Guys, 1 Tag will be the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions.

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