Drake Maverick Reportedly Didn’t Know Contract Status Until Day Of NXT Cruiserweight Tournament Finals

As Drake Maverick’s road to a new NXT contract played out over the past couple of months, many online assumed that WWE had planned it all out. Drake would be one of many superstars released in April, his spot in the tournament would be saved, and fans would follow him on a path to redemption.

However, according to sources talking with PWInsider, it wasn’t that simple, and the superstar was still under the impression he was departing the company until the very last minute. As evidence of this, you can note that Drake trademarked both “Spud” and “Rockstar Spud’ in the time between his release and his new contract offering, meaning that he was already planning for a return to his pre-WWE gimmick.

While this doesn’t completely make up for the storyline’s poor taste in the eyes of some fans, we can take comfort in the fact that Drake is now in a place that suits him in WWE.

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