Lisa Marie Varon Recalls Her WrestleMania Showdown With Trish Stratus And Jazz, Putting 100% Into Every Match

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The Watch List takes a look at what matches you should be watching while you’re at home and they come recommended by your favorite professional wrestling stars.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Lisa Marie Varon, aka Victoria (in WWE) and Tara (in TNA) about her life in and out of the ring. The seven-time Women’s Champion is now retired from in-ring competition and co-hosting “Grown Ass Women” along with Mickie James and SoCal Val, but took some time to reflect on her career and picked a match that stood out as one of her best.

WrestleMania XIX saw Victoria walk in as champion against Trish Stratus and Jazz, but the match ended with her reign coming to an end. Despite the result (and not wanting to leave any of her other great opponents out), Varon says that match stands out because it was a great showcase of talent. Noting that she’s a tough critic when it comes to her own work, she also said their timing was perfect and it’s one of the matches she does like to go back and watch the most.

“When Jazz, Trish and I had the triple threat, and also Molly Holly and I —I had so many great opponents that I’d hate to single any of them out. Gail Kim and I—this is so hard! With our mindset, there are certain ones that stand out to us. Mickie and ODB, we put everything out there with how we wrestle. If something bad happens, the show must go on, like if you punched me in the face, it’s OK because I know you meant it as an accident. We’re tough, tough chicks and we put our heart and soul, 100%, in every single match. Even if it was just the bra and panties matches we had, we thought ‘oh, we have to wear that? Let’s still do ‘this’ and make everyone go ‘holy crap!’”

“One match—Jazz, Trish and I, when we had that triple threat and I had Stevie Richards at my side, we worked so hard on that match. Fit Finlay helped us so much with that and all of the timing was perfect on that. We were three different style wrestlers, but I think we showcased a lot of our talent in that match. It’s one of my favorites to watch.”

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We added some free-to-watch recommendations to the list and selected a good mix of bouts from Lisa Marie Varon’s career, as well as some classic matches featuring some of his inspirations.

Victoria vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jazz (Women’s Championship Match) 

WrestleMania XIX — March 30, 2003

Victoria vs. Lita (Women’s Championship Match) 

WWE Backlash — April 18, 2004

Victoria vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jazz (Women’s Championship Match)

WWE Sunday Night Heat — January 2, 2005

Tara vs. Angelina Love (Knockouts Championship)

TNA Slammiversary — June 21, 2009

Lisa Marie Varon & Kenny Williams vs. Kay Lee Ray & Stevie Xavier

British Championship Wrestling Live In Kilmarnock — April 20, 2018

Lisa Marie Varon vs. Anthony Greene

Beyond Wrestling — February 24, 2019

Stay tuned for our full interview with Lisa Marie Varon where we talk about her post-wrestling career, being a “Grown Ass Woman,” Shad Gaspard, why she knew it was the right time to retire and much more.

The full-length WrestleMania XIX triple threat match can be seen on WWE Network; click the link below to jump to start at that point in the show.

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