Braun Strowman Defeats The Miz And John Morrison, Retains Universal Title At WWE Backlash

braun strowman wwe

Photo Credit: WWE Network

At WWE Backlash, Braun Strowman defended the WWE Universak Championship against The Miz and John Morrison in a handicap match. If The Miz or Morrison earned the fall, the individual to score the fall would win the WWE Universal Championship. Before the match, The Miz and Morrison played their new music video on the video screen. Morrison used his quickness to counter Strowman’s power early on. Morrison distracted Strowman, which allowed The Miz to gain the upper hand. Morrison and The Miz hit Strowman with a double dropkick. Strowman dropped Morrison with a stiff right hand. A thunderous kick to the mid-section rocked The Miiz. Strowman sent The Miz crashing into Morrison. The Miz and Morrison took control when Morrison dove onto the champion outside the ring. The Miz grounded Strowman. Morrison took Strowman down with a chop block.

The Miz hit Strowman with several kicks, but the champion rallied. He threw the The Miz across the ring. Strowman went crashing shoulder-first into the ring post and Morrison hit two springboard kicks. An assisted Skull Crushing Finale could have earned Morrison the win, but The Miz broke up the pin fall. The Miz realized he made a mistake, but Strowman kicked out of another pin. Strowman floored The Miz with a chokeslam. The champion pinned Morrison with a Powerslam.

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