Kevin Owens Helps Apollo Crews Retain US Title Over Andrade At WWE Backlash Kickoff


Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

At WWE Backlash Kickoff, WWE United States Champion Andrade defended his championship against the man he won the title from, Andrade. Before the match, Kevin Owens joined the broadcast team. He said he wanted to match sure the matchw as fought fair without Angel Garza’s interference. Early on, Crews overpowered Andrade and back-dropped him onto the steel rap. He then showcased his athleticism by hitting a moonsault off the rope. Andrade took control with a double knee strike in the corner. Andrade used his technical prowess to control the match, but Crews rallied with a spinebuster and a dropkick.

An athletic DDT earned Andrade a near fall. Crews nearly earned the win, but Garza distracted the referee. Owens attacked Garza and dropped him with a Stunner. Crews then pinned Andrade with a powerbomb.

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