John Morrison On WWE Backlash, Returning To WWE, And More

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Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Ahead of his WWE Universal Championship match at WWE Backlash, John Morrison spoke to Mat Elfring of GameSpot. In addition to several other topics, Morrison discussed the possibility of being a co-champion with The Miz if the two of them win their match with Braun Strowman.

“‘We’ve talked about it both ways,'” said Morrison via Elfring. “‘Co-champions would be nice. We could cut the belt in half and make some sort of a Universal Championship pendant….’”

Morrison said he and the Miz discussed another possibility that would still benefit both men. “‘Or the other way we were thinking it is whoever gets the fall would win,'” said Morrison via Elfring. “‘If I win–if I beat Braun–then Miz would get the first shot at me. Or if Miz pins Braun, then I would get the first shot at him.’”

Morrison also discussed how one of his main reasons for coming back to WWE could change at WWE Backlash: he’s never been a world champion in WWE. “‘One of the reasons I was excited about Backlash–one of the reasons I came back to WWE–because I never got that big win,'” said Morrison via Elfring.”‘I was, at the end, a multiple-time tag team champion, but never the World Champion, never the Universal Champion.'”

Morrison then named some of his other objectives, including some of the superstars he’d like to work with; he placed a particular focus on Ricochet. “‘…There’s a lot of guys on the roster that I have not yet taken [on],'” said Morrison via Elfring. “‘Guys like Roman Reigns, [Seth] Rollins, Kevin Owens, Aleister Black, Ricochet, which is funny that I say that because I wrestled Prince Puma [Ricochet’s ring name in Lucha Underground] plenty of times, but Ricochet not much. There’s a lot of unfinished business that I feel like I have, which to me is exciting. The other reason I came back was to have fun. I feel like I missed that a little bit on the first run. And now my mentality is everything I do should be fun.'”

Finally, Morrison reflected on how leaving the WWE and performing elsewhere improved his career and his skillset. “‘I was the first ever Triple Crown Champion of AAA,’” said Morrison via Elfring. “‘Champion of Lucha Underground, Champion of Impact wrestling, Champion of Five Star Wrestling in the UK. And each one of these organizations is a different style. A different group of people. And just that experience, for me, over the past nine years has leveled up my thought process about the business, my strategy, my in-ring ability. My skillset is more diverse than ever, more diverse than anyone on the roster.’”

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