WWE Superstars Predict Edge vs. Orton


Photo Credit: WWE.com

With Edge and Randy Orton getting ready to face off at WWE Backlash, many superstars are giving their two cents on who they think will come out on top. Speaking with WWE backstage for a segment of “WWE Pop Question,” a handful of WWE superstars gave their predictions not only for the match, but for Backlash as a whole.

Speaking as a fan of both superstars, Dolph Ziggler said that he thinks Orton will win, simply because Orton is willing to do whatever it takes to win. As for Elias, he said that the match will come down to heart, which Edge has a ton of, which is why he thinks Edge will “unleash” and come away with a win. When it comes to Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, Bliss talked about how comfortable Orton’s merch was, which has her leaning towards Orton. Of course, some superstars don’t have a preference, like Kofi Kingsotn, who simply asked if both of them could lose. You can check out who comes out on top officially when the two face off at WWE Backlash tomorrow night.

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