Salina De La Renta Returns To MLW Under An Exclusive Deal

Salina De La Renta

Photo Credit: MLW

It’s been nearly six months, but Salina de la Renta has reemerged once more in Major League Wrestling.

On the tail end of episode three of Pulp Fusion, viewers see the back of a mysterious woman walking  on a rooftop towards the skyline of Mexico City. The figure turns around and it was The Empresaria herself. S reports that de la Renta has signed an exclusive deal with the company and that she has once again acquired a managerial and promoting license.

Salina was last seen managing LA Park in one memorable MLW World Heavyweight Title bout at Saturday Night SuperFight in Chicago. However, de la Renta found herself down and out underneath a broken table when she was inadvertently speared through it by her top client which ultimately led to The Chairman’s defeat at the hands of Jacob Fatu.

You can watch all of episode 3 of MLW Pulp Fusion below:

This week on Pulp Fusion there is a shocking surprise return that promises to rock Major League Wrestling! Ol Mancer is looking for a fight and you’ll be shocked when you hear who his next opponent is! Richard Holliday introduces Alex Hammerstone to his new venture… and Hammer has a few suggestions. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor struggles with home schooling? Dan Lambert updates us on Low Ki’s issues with the Athletic Commission. Injustice talks about the new era for the team and calls out CONTRA! Plus more… just remember to stay at least 6 away from Gino!

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