Heavy Machinery Team With Braun Strowman, Win Six-Man Tag

heavy machinery

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Otis and Tucker hadn’t been together in a match in quite some time, but the two partnered up once again on tonight’s SmackDown, pairing with Braun Strowman to take on Dolph Ziggler and Miz & Morrison in a six-man tag team match ahead of WWE Backlash.

During the match, things began to look bad for Tucker and Strowman, as Otis literally ran away from the ring when video footage began playing of Baron Corbin walking up to and talking with Mandy Rose. However, Otis eventually returned, and the trio of beefy superstars came away with a big win.

For a brief recap of how things ended, check out below:

Corbin finds Mandy Rose backstage. Otis leaves the ring and runs to the back. Corbin makes it seem like Rose is fantasizing about him. Otis attacks Rose from behind. A few referees and Adam Pearce break is up. After the break, Ziggler and Co are taking turns working over Tucker. Miz and Morrison attack Strowman outside the ring. Otis and Rose walk back to the ring. Tucker tags in Otis. Otis fires up and tosses Ziggler over the top rope. Strowman freight trains everyone. Strowman tosses Ziggler back in the ring and yells at Otis to finish it. Otis crushes Ziggler with the Caterpillar for the win.

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