Report: RAW Was ‘A Mess’, ‘Couldn’t Continue’ Without Bruce Prichard Takeover

bruce prichard

Photo Credit: Title Match Wrestling

In what’s becoming a yearly tradition, WWE has seen a stunning turnaround in its creative vision. Last year around this time, WWE instituted Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman as the heads of their respective brands. While the former WCW wunderkind didn’t adapt to the role as hoped, Heyman seemingly fit in well, and viewers saw pushes for new stars like Cedric Alexander, Andrade, and Humberto Carrillo.

Now, that’s all over. Bruce Pritchard, the man who took over for Eric on Friday Nights, now has control of both of WWE’s flagship shows. This is due to what WWE lists as a creative consolidation, but others are telling a different story. The always reliable WrestleVoices on Twitter has posted about the shakeup, stating that RAW has been “a mess” as of late.

Regarding the creative change, source indicates that RAW has been a mess lately. At times recently the show has changed up to the point of air. While the blame isn’t solely on Heyman, he is the one taking the fall here. “It couldn’t continue like this” was an exact quote I got.

Of course, we’ve also heard talk of things like “torn up scripts” being the fault of those higher than Heyman. WWE is still filtered through the mind of one man, and Vinnie Mac is often the one with wildcard ideas that could cause this kind of turmoil. Whether Heyman is “taking the fall” or not, look to see a RAW with 100% more hackers and backstage incidents sooner rather than later.

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