Rhyno Teases Reunion With Heath Slater In IMPACT Wrestling

During tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Rhyno teased a potential team up with someone he has some history with.

The episode saw Rohit Raju come up to Rhyno backstage, saying that the duo had the potential to be a great combination and that Rhyno should be treating him like a tag team partner. Rhyno quickly stopped him, saying that he already had a tag team partner before turning to the camera and saying that “he’s got kids,” a clever nod to Heath Slater and a potential team up with the former WWE superstar in the future.

Things between Raju and Rhyno quickly devolved, with the former attacking the latter before being driven off by Rhyno. Whether or not Slater and Rhyno will once again team up has yet to be seen, but it would make for some amazing moments for the fans if they should join together again.

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