WWE RAW Results (6/8/20)

Seth Rollins joins the commentary desk. Rey Mysterio is live via satellite. Rollins says he has been waiting to talk to Mysterio all week. Rollins says hi to Mysterio. Mysterio calls Rollins a son of a bitch. After the break, Mysterio tells us that his eye is healing but still isn’t sure about his return. Mysterio says he isn’t going to wait to get his revenge on Rollins. Mysterio is going to kick Rollins ass. Rollins says he doesn’t understand. Rollins is going to give Mysterio one more chance. Rollins invites Mysterio and his son to RAW next week. Rollins will show them that what happened to Mysterio was for the greater good. Aleister Black appears out of nowhere and attacks Rollins.

Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo vs. Austin Theory and Murphy

Carrillo takes Theory over with a sky-high arm drag. Black tags in and almost hit Black Mass on Murphy. Theory breaks up the move. Murphy goes up top. Black obliterates Murphy with a leaping knee strike for the win.

Winners- Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo

After the match, Rollins comes out to Mysterio’s music and is wearing Mysterio’s mask. The heels assault Black in the ring.

Backstage, Randy Orton says there are going to be two guests on the Peep Show.

The Peep Show

Christian introduces his guest, Edge. Christian tells Edge that he was proud of what Edge did at WrestleMania. Christian says he has to be honest. Christian says Edge is clearly running on fumes. Christian has to be honest again. Christian doesn’t thing Edge could pull off the greatest match ever even in his prime. Edge tells Christian to pump the breaks. Edge says he knows he is different. Christian and Edge argue. Christian says if the real Edge isn’t going to walk through those ropes, then Edge shouldn’t bother. Christian says he thinks Edge can have the greatest match ever. Orton interrupts and tells them both to shut up. Orton knows Edge isn’t going to live up to expectations. Orton says Edge is a broken man. Orton says it’s over. Edge says no it’s not.

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