WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House Results (6/7/20)

Finn Bálor vs. Damian Priest

Before the bell rings, Bálor dropkicks Priest out of the ring. Priest is livid. Bálor avoids a corner splash by Priest. Bálor stomps Priest out. Priest rolls out of the ring. Priest reverses Bálor’s Irish whip and sends Bálor into the ring steps. Priest drops Bálor on the apron. Priest leaps off the steps while holding Bálor to deliver a backbreaker using the ring apron. Priest kicks Bálor as he taunts him. Bálor tries to fire up but Priest drops him with a jumping complete shot. Priest continues his assault. Bálor fires up. Bálor suplexes Priest. Bálor dropkicks Priest through the ropes. Priest hits the barricade. Bálor kicks Priest over and over again. Bálor sets up a dive but is quickly cut off by Priest. Priest sets up a Razor’s Edge. Bálor escapes. Priest lands the broken arrow.

Priest sets up the Razor’s Edge again. Bálor double legs Priest and crushes him with a standing double stomp. Bálor and Priest exchange strikes. Bálor floors Priest with a Pelé kick. Bálor and Priest fall to the outside. Priest plants Bálor on the ring apron with the Razor’s Edge. Bálor counters Priest’s finisher with the final cut. Bálor goes up top. Priest cuts Bálor off and chokeslams him off the top rope. Bálor somehow manages to kick out. Priest sets up a Razor’s Edge off the apron onto the ring steps. Bálor escapes and elbows Priest in the face. Priest falls off the apron and lands back first on the ring steps. Priest crawls back into the ring. Bálor lands a double stomp to the back of Priest head off the top rope. Bálor goes back up top and hits the Coup de Grâce for the win.

Winner- Finn Bálor

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