WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (6/5/20)

Backstage, Mandy Rose and Otis find King Corbin’s crown. Otis asks if he should try it on. Rose tells him to go for it. Otis puts it on and they walk away. A few seconds later, Corbin goes nuts because he can’t find his crown. Someone backstage tells Corbin Otis has it. Corbin storms off.

Otis w/Mandy Rose vs. King Corbin

Corbin sends Otis into the ring post. Otis clotheslines Corbin over the top rope. Corbin misses a clothesline and gets clotheslined out of the ring again. Otis runs right into a spinebuster by Corbin. Corbin works over Otis in the corner with body shots. Corbin kicks Otis in the gut multiple time. Otis fires up and suplexes Corbin. Otis flattens Corbin with a splash in the corner. Otis calls for the Caterpillar. Corbin rolls out of the ring and demands his crown. Otis follows Corbin. Corbin hits Otis with a chair to get disqualified.

Winner- Otis

After the match, Otis body blocks Corbin. Otis crushes Corbin with the Caterpillar.

Miz and Morrison are sitting in the back of a super suspicious white van. They are going to make Braun Strowman’s life hell tonight. They are watching as Strowman pulls up in his car.

Miz and Morrison make fun of everyone who thinks Strowman will destroy them at Backlash. Strowman came into work without a care in the world but that’s about to change. Some will say what you are about to see is childish but an angry monster makes mistakes. The camera cuts to Strowman trying to open a drink and it explodes all over him. Strowman is livid. Miz and Morrison laugh out loud watching Strowman have a fit.

Backstage, Mojo Rawley interrupts Shorty G’s interview and makes fun of Shorty G’s height. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura attack Shorty G from behind. Rawley joins in. The New Day makes the save.

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