Lio Rush Reveals Emails To WWE About His ‘Objections To A Hostile Work Environment’

lio rush

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Amidst the recent #BlackLivesMatter protests sweeping across the entire United States, we’ve seen current and former WWE employees share what hardships they’ve had to go through to live out their dreams. Lionel Green, known to fans as Lio Rush, recently shared a letter he sent into WWE management regarding backstage hazing and his objections to it as an African-American:

In the letter, Lio brings up the common expectation that younger wrestlers are expected to carry the bags and buy drinks for more veteran performers, and how his noncompliance to these demands “resulted in an [unacceptable] escalating harassment” amongst his peers. He says he was happy to pitch in when he was up and coming in NXT because it was explicitly part of his job description, but no such description exists on the main roster.

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