AEW Dynamite Results (6/3/2020)

AEW Dynamite Results

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The show opened up with a tribute to the black lives matter movement in the midst of all the protesting going on in the United States.

AEW Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega and Adam Page © vs. Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford)

The match began with a lock-up exchange between Kenny Omega and Jimmy. Shortly thereafter, Havoc and friends began their manipulation of the rules in order to maintain control of “The Cleaner.”

The match began with a lock-up exchange between Kenny Omega and Jimmy. Shortly thereafter, Havoc and friends began their manipulation of the rules in order to maintain control of “The Cleaner.” As the heels maintain control, we would see FTR and Best Friends watching on from the crowd. Adam would get tagged in and the momentum would shift, including a multitude of chops from both champs.

Referee Rick Knox ejected Jack Penelope Ford from the match and then Jimmy Havoc would use a wrench on the champions. He still wasn’t able to get a pinfall. The attack with the wrench would leave the heels in control as they worked over Adam Page and continued to isolate him. Hangman would eventually fire up and finally tag Kenny Omega who would unload on both of the heels. There was a lot of straight-up unfollowing of the rules with multiple team members just staying in the ring for well over the designated time allowed, probably just to piss off Harwood and Wheeler. A legal tag is made and Hangman is legal. The champs had a combination strike and hangman gets a two-count.

Moving forward, Havoc would pull out a Hacksaw but be unable to use it. Adam would get a 2-count off of a clothesline before tagging in Kenny, who would lose the momentum and get DDT’d by Sabian. Havoc legit yelled shoryuken before nailing Omega with a running jumping uppercut. Package DDT gets a two-count for the challengers. The heels would maintain control for a few more moments before Kenny Omega unloaded on them. Champions would finally win with The Last Call. They will face Best Friends at Fyter Fest, which like Bash at The Beach, will be a two-week event on Dynamite on July 1 & July 8.

WINNER: Hangman & Omega

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In a vignette, Tully Blanchard presented Shawn Spears with a black glove, reminiscent of the one that Barry Windham used during his time as a member of The Four Horsemen.

Brian Cage vs. Sean Dean

Another quick squash for Cage, who destroyed his opponent as Taz laughed on. Cage asked, “Who’s Better Than Cage?” Nobody on this night. Brian Cage wins with the Drillclaw.

WINNER: Brian Cage

Afterward, Taz cut a promo saying Moxley had the audacity to snicker and giggle when Taz was speaking last week. Taz’s words drew out the presence of the champion.

Jon Moxley said it will take Brian Cage all night long to beat him. He told Taz he is a different animal and that at Fyter, Brian Cage would find out that Jon Moxley is a shark and that the next time they bring him out, they should remember who they’re dealing with.

Lance Archer vignette:

Back from break, Matt Hardy met with Private Part, who absolutely marked out for him he said he is a fan of theirs and wants to be a part of their growth. Then, he saw Sammy Guevara in a hallway and told them they were cool. Matt seems to be less than broken.

Early on, Colt Cabana bit his tongue on a moonsault attempt which resulted in him bleeding. He would try his best against Jericho but would inevitably walk into a Judas Effect elbow.

WINNER: Chris Jericho.

After the match, Chris Jericho said he wanted to face Mike Tyson right now. Then he called out the baddest man on the planet, naturally, Orange Cassidy came out and punked the Inner Circle before leaving with Chuck and Trent

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