Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka Gets Disappointing Ending, Nia Jax Shows Her Cosplay Skills


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE RAW featured a rare champion versus champion bout as NXT Champion Charlotte Flair faced off against WWE RAW Women’s Champion Asuka in a non-title bout.

It was Flair that had the advantage early and she reminded her opponent of her previous victories at WrestleMania and on SmackDown. However, Asuka would battle back and show her champion spirit. She wound up bloodying the lip of Flair and knocked her down with a high kick. An entertaining grappling exchange occurred after Asuka locked on a triangle choke that was then countered into a Boston crab by flair. However, Asuka would escape and then lock on a kneebar. A huge German suplex from Flair would get her out of the submission.

The end finally came after Nia Jax came out in Asuka’s gear and the bell was rung calling off the match. Jax would then lay out the champ and stood tall on the ramp.

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