Apollo Crews & Kevin Owens Left With Unfinished Business After Andrade & Garza Interfere


Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

This week on WWE RAW, WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews defended his title against an opponent of his choosing. Crews named Kevin Owens as his opponent and said he deserves the opportunity. Owens told Crews that he was worried the champion gave him the match out of pity. Crews said it was a matter of respect, so Owens accepted the match. Owens said he felt bad because he would end Crews’ title reign. In the match, Crews caught Owens with a dropkick early on. Owens dropped Crews with a clothesline and sent him to the outside. A diving senton off the apron allowed Owens to take control of the match. Another senton in the ring earned Owens a two count.

Both competitors exchanged strikes and fell out of the ring while they punched each other. Back in the ring, the match was a stalemate. Owens regained control, but Crews rocked him with a kick and an Olympic Slam for a near fall. A standing Moonsault earned Crews another two count. Owens floored Crews with a superkick, but Crews blocked another senton. Angel Garza and Andrade attacked Crews and Owens, and the referee called for the bell.

The match restarted as a tag team match between Crews & Owens and Andrade & Garza. Garza and Andrade controlled the match early on and grounded Crews.  The WWE United States Champion tagged Owens, but Andrade retained control. Owens floored Andrade with a clothesline, but a distraction from Garza allowed Andrade to rock Owens with a kick. Crews tagged in and dropped Andrade with an Olympic Slam. Garza took Owens down with a cheap shot, but Crews still pinned Andrade with a modified powerbomb to win the match.

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