ROH Wrestling Results (6/1/20): A Spotlight On RUSH

In an interview at Death Before Dishonor Fallout, RUSH says nothing happens unless he says it happens.

In a video message, Jeff Cobb and RUSH hype up their match at Honor United.

ROH World Championship: RUSH (c) vs. Jeff Cobb (Replayed From ROH Honor United)

RUSH refuses to shake hands with Cobb and flips him off instead. Both men trade blows, counters and shoulder blocks as the match is evenly matched early on. RUSH drills Cobb with a forearm and knocks him to the outside. The champion poses in the ring. Cobb suplexes RUSH on the floor and steals RUSH’s signature pose. The challenger takes control of the match by grounding RUSH. Cobb suplexes RUSH again. RUSH rallies and dropkicks Cobb. A slam earns RUSH a two count. He rocks Cobb with another dropkick. Cobb slams RUSH to the mat. Cobb chops him, but RUSH spits at the challenger.

RUSH floors Cobb with a suplex and a running knee. Both competitors trade chops and strikes. They exchange stiff strikes and RUSH drops Cobb with a Destroyer. A clothesline floors RUSH. Cobb dropkicks RUSH and sends him crashing to the floor. Cobb deadlift superplexes RUSH. A standing moonsault earns Cobb a two count. RUSH plants Cobb with a superplex of his own. A double stomp earns RUSH another two count. Cobb counters Bull’s Horns with a Spear. RUSH counters Tour of the Islands into a pin attempt for a two count. He suplexes Cobb into the corner. RUSH hits Bull’s Horns twice for the win.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: RUSH

The competitors shake hands after the match.

A video package recaps RUSH’s loss to PCO at ROH Final Battle, where the French Frankenstein dethroned RUSH. At ROH Final Battle, RUSH introduces his new stable, La Faccion Ingobernable, to Ring of Honor.

Another video recaps RUSH’s victory at ROH Gateway to Honor, where RUSH regained the ROH World Title.

RUSH tells fans to remember that he came to be the best wrestler in Ring of Honor history. The champion says he’s more locked in than ever. He says he, and wrestling, will return stronger than ever.

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