Jon Moxley Mourns Danny Havoc, Reveals His AEW Contributions

Danny Havoc credit of Last Word on Pro Wrestling

Danny Havoc credit of Last Word on Pro Wrestling

In an already unstable world, the wrestling industry continues to suffer its own tragedies. This morning brought the tragic loss of deathmatch legend Danny Havoc. A regular for both Combat Zone Wrestling and Game Changer Wrestling, we’ve seen wrestlers from across the industry express their sadness at the death. Current AEW Champion Jon Moxley, who got his start in the same deathmatch circles, is among those affected.

In a tweet put out this morning, Moxley expresses his sorrow as only he can before revealing that Havoc wasn’t just an excellent barbed wire warrior. It’s known that Moxley reached out t several friends to plan out his post-WWE plans, and Havoc was one of them. According to Mox, the original post-WWE designs for his shirts were straight out of the fallen wrestler’s mind.

Considering what a splash the current champ made when emerging from his WWE “asylum”, it’s clear that Havoc’s designs struck a chord with the All Elite audience. That makes the loss just that much more painful.

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