Mattel WWE Elite 77 Images, Shane Strickland Figure Announced, New WWE Bobbleheads Revealed

This week collectors were greeted with many new reveals, such as:

  • Mattel WWE Elite 77 mint on card images
  • Shane Strickland’s first action figure
  • New WWE Bobbleheads from FOCO

Photo Credit: Shane Strickland

Mattel WWE Elite 77 Images

Mint on card images of the set were revealed by You can currently pre-order them there and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

The set consists of:

  • The Fiend Bray Wyatt
  • Miss Elizabeth
  • Rick Rude (plus Chase variant)
  • Viscera
  • AJ Styles
  • Ronda Rousey

This is their Summer Slam wave for 2020 if you’re confused by the packaging. We will more than likely review these for you later in June so keep an eye out for that on our Collector’s Corner column!

Shane Strickland’s Action Figure

The Fully Poseable Podcast teamed up with Figures Toy Company to reveal their upcoming Shane Strickland figure as part of their Rising Stars of Wrestling line. They signed him just prior to his signing with WWE. You’ll be able to order him over on in the near future.

New FOCO WWE Bobbleheads

Earlier this week FOCO revealed two of their upcoming bobbleheads releasing later this year. They include:

  • Hulk Hogan
  • Undertaker

You can currently pre-order them here and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG10 at checkout!

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