Punk And Bryan Reuniting On WWE Backstage, Relive Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero

WWE Backstage

Photo credit: WWE.com

Punk And Bryan Reuniting On WWE Backstage

The two stars that started the current era of wrestling haven’t been on the same show in quite a while. Daniel Bryan has gone through a career death and rebirth while CM Punk has left and returned to a fold adjacent to the WWE. Now, the two former ROH stalwarts will finally be in the same WWE room again and undoubtedly provide some intriguing conversation. As per the WWE on FOX Twitter account, both Bryan and Punk will be on Backstage this coming Tuesday night.

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Relive Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero

Meanwhile, if we twist the clock back a decade, we get two stars that fill very similar roles in the WWE machine. Rob Van Dan and Eddie Guerrero were both converts from the Land of Extreme, former indie darlings with lots to prove in the biggest company in the world. In this 2002 Backlash classic, Mr. Monday Night and Latino Heat battle over the Intercontinental Championship, stealing the show in the process.