Diamond Dallas Page Proud Of Jake Roberts In AEW: ‘It’s Amazing’

Jake Roberts

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jake Roberts has been one of the biggest figures in wrestling for nearly his entire career, and speaking in a new interview on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page praised how All Elite Wrestling has helped Roberts keep his legacy going.

“When we started the resurrection of Jake the Snake, which we’re about to re-release in about two weeks, I wanted Jake to be able to walk away from the business with his head held high, on his own terms, and the pie in the skywatcher as the Hall of Fame,” he said. “And we got that for him, and I got to induct him on my 58th birthday, it was amazing. But now, working back on what he does so well…the bit with him and Arn was just so priceless.”

Page went on to praise how All Elite Wrestling treats the wrestling legends, and spoke about how he loves to see Roberts doing well there. “Having those guys together and being around, the AEW, they treat the legends with respect at a different level, every time I go there…I really love what they’re doing.”

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