AEW Dynamite Results (5/27/20)

AEW Dynamite Results

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Before the action gets underway, get caught up with this week’s pre-show:

The show opens up with highlights from the pay-per-view.

The Inner Circle is shown bruised from the action on Saturday and Chris Jericho groans because they have a truckload of shirts to sell that suggests they were the winners on Saturday.

The commentators run down the card.

Matt Hardy and The Young Bucks vs. Joey Janela. 

Pre-match, Hardy transforms into his 1998 self. Spot monkey time.

Young Bucks and Hardy keep control early on. but eventually, the other team would work over Nick Jackson. The action did not slow down whatsoever until Kassidy applied an abdominal stretch. The pace picked up rapidly as the action spilled out to the outside. The Young Bucks would get into it with Butcher and Blade. This would lead JR to take a dig at the way NXT is currently doing its audience.

Later, Matt would get a two count from the Side Effect. Matt Hardy would take out all three opponents and hit a triple moonsault. then, Matt Jackson stepped into the action. Janela would eat a  double superkick. Marq Quen would suffer a legendary which would see the match come to a quick ending.

WINNER: Hardy & The Bucks!

Afterward: Matt Hardy would help Marq to the back and Butcher and Blade. Suddenly, the former Revival made their debut and came to the aid of Matt and Nick Jackson.

Jon Moxley came out on commentary for the next match.

Brian Cage vs Lee Johnson

Bang bang boom it was over very quickly and the Machine cage racked up another Victory. Afterward, Taz cut a promo to the champion telling him to bring everything he’s got to Fyter Fest.

Britt Baker came out and said that the injuries she suffered last week were all part of a conspiracy against her. she proclaims that all three women were in cahoots. She said she was close friends with the top executive at TNT and without her, there is no women’s division.

Baker’s now blaming referee Aubrey Edwards for all of her injuries. She calls her the main piece of the conspirators.

Orange Cassidy interrupted the Inner Circle talking and then Jericho promised he would see him later.

Hikaru Shida vs. Kristi Jaymes

Kristi tried her best and even got a two count off of a capoeira kick but Shida would eventually get the win with her finish.

WINNER: Hikaru Shida

In the middle of the commercial break, there was a play-by-play camera in the hotel room of Adam Page and Kenny Omega.

back from break, Cody Rhodes cut a promo promising to defend his new championship every week. He would say that he wasn’t one of the first three people called to form the promotion but that has all been observed because he has this championship.

SCU vs. Sabian and Havoc

This match was to determine who would challenge Adam Page and Kenny Omega for the Tag Team Championship next week. It was a back-and-forth battle with both teams getting some high-flying offense in, but Penelope Ford would make all the difference as she prevented Kazarian from connecting with SCU Later leading to the running dropkick, Michinoku Driver combo.

WINNER: Sabian & Havoc.

The Tag Team Champions will defend at Fyter Fest against Chuck Taylor and Trent.

Battle Royal to determine the first challenger for Cody’s AEW TNT Championship

Orange Cassidy was taken out before he could even get in the action by Santana and Ortiz. There’s Jericho’s payback for earlier. Billy John was in the match, but I guess he’s just called Billy and doesn’t own the right to his last name anymore. After Colt Cabana was eliminated, he was offered a flyer by The Dark Order.

Orange Cassidy would come back and Wardlow would hook him but Cassidy would move, leading to Maxwell knocking his heavy loopy with the Dynamite Diamond ring. Jungle Boy would throw out Maxwell Jacob Friedman and he and Cassidy both would throw out Wardlow. in the end, Jungle Boy would defeat Cassidy with a leg scissors takedown over the ropes.

WINNER: Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy will take on Cody Rhodes next week for the championship as well as the Tag Team Championship Match mentioned earlier taking place next week. Also, Chris Jericho will be in action.

We go to a highlight-reel of the Stadium Stampede from Saturday, with the only two things left on the show being the Inner Circle pep rally and Mike Tyson appearing.

The Inner Circle gave each other gifts that included Vicks VapoRub, Sammy Guevara getting a scooter called the hit me up mobile, and Jake Hager reading a poem.

Chris Jericho then said he wanted Mike Tyson’s head on a platter and Mike Tyson came out with Rashad Evans, Henry Cejudo, Vitor Belfort, and others. The show ended with the Inner Circle and Tyson’s gang being pulled apart

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