Zack Ryder Recalls Outshining The Rock At Madison Square Garden

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

The former Major Brothers reunited on Talk Is Jericho this week, talking about their departure from WWE and a few stories from their long stays with the company. Ryder, in particular, has many stories to share, including a particular night early in his rise to popularity in WWE.

While backstage at Madison Square Garden, he recalled the audience chanting his name throughout the night, even when The Rock made his return. “This is November, I start the YouTube show in February, so it’s almost a whole year working my ass off and just trying to get noticed.” Hawkins chimes in that he saw MSG “shaking” when Ryder made a single run-in, and how cool that was.

Of course, we all know the end of Ryder’s journey in WWE, but he did have one lasting effect on the company’s internal structure according to Hawkins:

Every year, as long as I was in WWE,  the Raw after Mania, we have this BS company everyone there at TV meeting where we say “the brass ring is there, it’s yours, it’s a fresh year who’s gonna get it?”

Ever since Long Island Iced Z, they don’t even bother with that meeting anymore. Because they know it’s not true. Even if you grab the brass ring, you’re gonna get your hands smacked. If they don’t want you to have it, you’re not gonna have it

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