WWE NXT Results (5/27/20)

From another angle, its shown that Atlas tapped out as the referee counted his shoulders down to the mat.

In-Ring Segment: Johnny  Gargano and Candice LeRae

Gargano says people are putting words in his mouth. The Gargano way isn’t about getting rid of people. There are some good hands in NXT. Gargano is all about giving people who deserve it opportunities. Tonight is the first Gargano Invitational. Gargano is going to give someone who deserves it a shot at him.

Johnny Gargano vs. Adrian Alanis

Gargano attacks Alanis after a handshake. Alanis fights back but walks right into a superkick by Gargano. Gargano puts Alanis in the Gargano escape. Alanis taps out.

Winner- Johnny Gargano

On the video screen, Mia Yim are having dinner together. Yim calls the Gargano’s fake like the ugly centerpiece. Yim grabs a flashlight and the Gargano-speak sound and screen effect turns on. Yim calls LeRae a useless Pixy who has been in NXT for 25 years with no titles to show for it. Lee asks Yim what the hell that was. Yim gives Lee the flashlight and tells him to do the same thing. Lee turns to the screen and says the only person Gargano has anything in common with is his action figures since they are the same height. Lee asks what’s for dinner.

Yim says she made what LeRae usually does… take out. The is a knock at the door and Tegan Nox delivers a half-eaten pizza. Yim says it’s not about the Gargano way it’s about making them pay.

Backstage, Kashida tells Maverick not to worry about what just happened. Just go win. Maverick says when he wins the title, he wants Kushida to have the first shot.

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