Triple H: I Have ‘Great Relationship’ With Ronda Rousey, WWE Will Welcome Her Back

Ronda Rousey

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Currently, Ronda Rousey has no official plans to return to the world of WWE, but that doesn’t mean people can’t speculate about it. Speaking to TMZ Sports recently, Triple H said that his relationship with Rousey was great, and that he’d love to welcome back the superstar whenever she was ready to return.

When asked about Rousey’s recent comments on WWE and wrestling fans at large, Triple H said that she was more than likely trying her best to rile up the fanbase, and called her one of the greatest performers they’ve ever had. Triple H was also asked whether or not WWE would want her back, and he was quick to say they would, noting how fast Rousey picked up the pace of things in WWE and praising her for her performances at every show. At the end of the day, it’s unclear whether or not Rousey will ever return to WWE, but it seems that the door is more than open for her to do so if she chooses.

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