IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/26/20)

Backstage, Rohit Raju gets in an argument with Chase Stevens. Raju challenges Stevens to a match next week. 

Kimber Lee vs. Havok

As soon as the bell rings Lee attacks Havok. Havok tosses Lee into the corner. Havok misses a splash in the corner. Lee fires back with a series of kicks. Havok drops to one knee. Lee puts Havok in a sleeper. Lee runs right into a spine buster by Havok. Lee rakes Havok’s eyes to avoid a DVD. Lee puts on a pair of nucks. Neveah hits the ring and attacks Lee to cause a disqualification. 

Winner- Havok

Backstage, Kylie Rae accidentally bumps into Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz. Hogan and Steelz accost Rae and Susie who was just a bystander. Susie has flashes of Su Yung after Hogan and Steelz walk away. 

On the Deaner Compound, Alexander and Page are greeted by a bunch of Deaners. 

Backstage, Joesph P. Ryan asks oVe to back him up during his match against Crazzy Steve. 

Back on the compound, Page and Alexander mistakenly assume a guy in a wheelchair is Cody’s partner. They later think its a woman driving a truck. Page breaks something that belongs to the real Wheels. Wheels is a LARGE man. Cody tells the referee to ring the bell.

Tag Team Championship Match: The North vs. Cody Deaner and Wheels

Cody and Wheels toss Page and Alexander all over the place. Page hits Wheels with a bag full of golf clubs. Cody hits Alexnader with a golf club and chases him out of the barn. Page and Wheels follow. Someone throws a tractor tire at Page. Page and Alexander double Razor’s Edge Cody off the back of a truck. The North attacks Wheels. Cody dives off the back of a truck and hits a crossbody for a near fall. Page tosses Wheels through a wooden fence. Cody breaks up the pin. Cody almost pins Alexander on the top of a car. Page breaks it up. Page tries to hit Cody with what looks like a pipe. Cody moves out of the way. Page breaks the car’s window. Alexander and Cody fight on top fo a trailer. Alexander tombstone piledrives Cody on top of the truck. Alexander and Page double team Wheels back in the ring. Page and Alexander try to beat up the legless referee. After hitting a 619 on Alexander, the referee misses a 450 on Page. Cody joins the fray after his fellow Deaners help him off the truck. Cody hits a DDT on Page but there is no referee. For some reason the MC from last Wheels so The North retains.

Winners and STILL IMPACT Tag Team Champions, The North!

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