IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/26/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results IMPACT Wrestling Results

May 26, 2020

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Number One Contender’s Tournament: Ace Austin vs. Hernandez

Austin tries a shoulder block and is hilariously sent flying into the mat. Hernandez misses a splash in the corner. Austin lands a few strikes. Hernandez press slams Austin. A dropkick from Austin sends Hernandez out of the ring. Austin tries a dive but Hernandez plucks him out of the air. Mongolian chop by Hernandez. Hernandez sends Austin back into the ring. Austin cheapshots Hernandez. Austin works over Hernandez’s leg. Hernandez reverses Austin bodyslam attempt into a slam of his own. Austin surprises Hernandez with The Fold for the win.

Winner- Ace Austin

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander arrive at the Deaner Compound. 

Chris Bey w/Johnny Swinger vs. Cousin Jake

Jnjbjbjb Jake and Bey lock up. Bey ends up on the top rope. Jake tosses Bey off the top rope. Jake lands multiple short-arm clotheslines. Jake tosses Bey all over the ring. Bey lands a drop Jake with a springboard dropkick. After the break, Jake fires up and lands a few strikes. Bey tries a head-scissor but Jake turns it into an island Driver. Bey kicks out. Jake sets up a powerbomb. Bey reverses it into a sunset bomb for a near fall. After a distraction from Swinger, Bey lands a springboard fameasser followed by his finish for the win. 

Winner- Chris Bey

After the match, Swinger hits the ring and attacks Jake. Willie Mack makes the save. 


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