Tony Khan Explains Why Brian Cage And Taz Are A Great Pairing In AEW

Tony Khan says Brian Cage and Taz are a great pairing that adds even more legitimacy to the AEW roster.

Brian Cage debuted with Taz at his side at AEW Double Or Nothing on Saturday and won the Casino Ladder Match, and Khan confirmed Cage had been signed since January. Cage had been rehabbing a torn bicep injury in that time, and when asked why they made a great team, Khan said it came down to a long-term plan and legitimacy.

“I love the pairing and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Brian Cage is the big free agent wrestler, he’s got all of the tools, he’s the guy in the draft that kills all of the workouts. He’s got all of the physical tools and with his strength and agility and with how impressive of a wrestler he is, and everything Taz brings to the table in terms of being able to bring legitimacy, submissions, wrestling holds, [present] them in a new dimension to Brian Cage.

But also, Taz is one of the greatest promos in the history of wrestling, in my opinion, because of what he was able to do and get out of not being the tallest guy or the fastest guy or the strongest guy. But he had a great run and was a very successful mainstream wrestler without [those attirbutes]. I just think it’s a really great pairing and Taz is going to bring a lot of legitimacy to him. I hope you dug the music and the ‘who can stop the path of Cage?’”

Khan added that we’ll find out at Fyter Fest if Cage can be stopped, calling back to his earlier confirmation that Fyter would return in 2020 and Cage would challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship on the show.

Check out the full scrum with Tony Khan, as well as Cody and Jon Moxley at the top of this post.

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