Jon Moxley On Brian Cage’s Debut, His ‘Bret Hart’ Jacket At AEW Double or Nothing

jon moxley

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Jon Moxley successfully retained his AEW World Championship at AEW Double or Nothing. In the media scrum after the show, Moxley reflected on the victory and discussed several other topics.Here are some highlights:

On the debut of Brian Cage:

Moxley: “They sure aren’t getting any smaller, are they? Christ. Hell. He looked, from what I’ve seen, you know, really impressive, obviously. I’ve seen him in the ring before. You know, one of those dudes who just defies all physics and logic, not unlike Brodie Lee. Just an incredible athlete, can do things a guy that size shouldn’t be able to do, and that’s a whole new can of worms, man, you know. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but he’s an exceptional talent, so I don’t know anything about him personally or what his attitude is. He’s now aligned with Taz, who, everybody knows Taz’s personality, you know. If he’s anything as a manager like he was a competitor, you know that it’s gonna be an aggressive situation, so we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

On his favorite moment of the night:

Moxley: Definitely the best moment of the night for me, I saw snippets of the show, tomorrow or tonight I’m gonna go back and watch the entire thing all the way through. I was getting my own mental and physical preparation and warm-up going on most of the night, so I only saw snippets and bits and pieces of the show, but from what I understand, right now, you know, everybody at AEW is a team, you know. Even guys that are my rivals, technically, still were teammates, you know. We’re all here to make AEW a success and to bring, you know, entertainment to wrestling fans and inject new energy into the wrestling business and bring new fans in, and that’s basically all of our goals at the end of the day. So, right now, you know, backstage after the show ended, it feels like we just won the Super Bowl, we put on a h— of a pay-per-view, top to bottom, and everybody’s just jacked up and high-fiving. We feel like we just, you know, won a game where we were an underdog, you know, during a pandemic where we can’t have a regular crowd in the building, we’re in a strange situation under these safety protocols. So, kinda with our backs up against the wall, you know, my back kinda up against the wall tonight against Brodie Lee, you know, I felt a lot of motivation tonight. Because, you know, not only the personal situation between me and Brodie Lee, but, you know, you want a world title match to be a big thing with a clear number one contender, with two months of buildup and a backstory and a big thing and, you know, this is just a three week thing.”

“And Brodie, to his credit, stepped up on a three week notice when he could be at home, waiting until the world goes back to normal to make his debut. But he jumped right into the fire in a dangerous match against me, and he rolled the dice at Double or Nothing, and he came up short. But I don’t think he really has anything to be ashamed of. You know, that was the toughest match I’ve had at AEW, you know, at certain points, I really was concerned that I was going to lose, and that’s the championship mindset, you know. For the first time in AEW, I felt like I was drowning, and I couldn’t get out of water, and I was frantically swimming for air, and that’s the championship mindset is you absolutely refuse to lose, and thrash and kick and hold your breath until your eyeballs are popping out, until you get a breath of fresh air. And when you get that little opening, you take it, and you win any way you can, and you find ways to win, and that’s the only message I can give to people under these circumstances as world champion.”

“You know, there’s lots of people out there who are having a lot of curveballs thrown at them. They’re gonna have to dig themselves out of financial holes and adapt their businesses or their jobs or their situations to how the world has changed, and, you know, when you get strange curveballs thrown at you like Brodie Lee, or whatever, and you’re getting powerbombed and thrown around the ring and the stage is breaking and you’re crashing through and s—‘s just going bad, you gotta find a way, you gotta find a way to win and find a way to succeed and refuse to let anything bad win the day. You gotta find a way to succeed and get what you want out of life. And the best moment of tonight for me, personally, was this man disrespected me, this man stole my property, and to see this man who disrespected me and stole my property laying unconscious and bloody, and take my property back and casually stroll out of the ring, and show everybody in the world what happens when you cross me, you know, that was an extremely gratifying feeling.

On his jacket at AEW Double or Nothing:

Moxley: “My sick Bret Hart jacket with instead of the, I tried to find those like epulet things, but I couldn’t get those in a weird situation. But the dude here, Charlie, shout out, he made barbed wire epulets, so I had kind of a Bret Hart themed, barbed wire themed sick jacket that was way too heavy and way too hot, so I only had it on for about thirty seconds. But I hope people enjoyed that.

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