Tracy Smothers Gives An Update On His Cancer Battle

Tracy Smothers

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tracy Smothers recently appeared on VOC Nation’s In the Room, where he provided an update on his battle with cancer. Here are some highlights. Transcription credit of VOC Nation Radio Network.

On his cancer battle: 

Smothers: “I’m doing better; completed six rounds of chemo, so that was just a battle.  I’ve been done with that for a little bit.  I’m just trying to stay in (with) this (pandemic) going on.  My immune (system) is still kinda low so I have to watch it.  I have a check up on Thursday to see what’s going on…I’m just trying to stay on top of it and take my medicines right…just kinda laying low and hoping things get back to normal.”

On his time in the business: 

Smothers: “I got to travel a lot of the world, I wouldn’t have done that with any other job.  I (could have) played the game a little better politically and stuff and done a little better. It’s like anything, a lot of politics; that’s all part of it.  I always stayed busy…it’s always a lot of fun to go to another country, somewhere you’ve never been.  The saddest thing is that a lot of my friends are dead.  It’s so sad…it just breaks your heart when you see their kids, widows, and things like that, it’s just terrible.”

On Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman:

Smothers: “Two of the best minds in the business that I ever worked for.  If you could get them working together you’d probably have something, but they’d probably try to kill each other.  Jimmy would think way ahead, where Paul is a lot on the fly.  Paul would write on the napkin…Jimmy would plan way ahead….Jimmy was the last of the old territory (guys), and Paul’s ECW concept changed the whole business…  Both of them made a lot of guys stars…two of the smartest guys I’ve known.”

On who else he thinks are the best minds in the business: 

Smothers: “I’d put Michael Hayes in there too.  I always thought Terry Taylor had a good mind for the business.  Dutch Mantell, Lawler, Arn Anderson, guys like that.”

The full interview is available here:

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