Matt Hardy On Wrestling Without Crowds, His Favorite AEW Wrestlers

Matt Hardy

Photo by Satyabrata Tripathy/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Matt Hardy recently appeared on the Migs vs. The World of Pro Wrestling Podcast. He discussed several topics, ranging from a preview to the Stadium Stampede match to a reflection on his favorite competitors in All Elite Wrestling. Here are some highlights.

On some of his favorite wrestlers in AEW:

Hardy: “I’m a big fan of [Darby Allin] I really enjoy his work and there’s just something special about him. I never met him before, not that I know of, that I would remember or whatever, but just meeting him and talking to him the times I have at AEW, there’s just something about him that is very special. Not only is he an amazing, fearless performer but he has like a very special it factor to him, there’s something about him that draws you to him. So I’m a big fan of Darby Allin, I’m a big fan of Sammy Guevara even though I’m gonna have to eat him alive tomorrow night, I do enjoy his work and I enjoy running over him with golf carts and twist of Fating him with a neck brace on, but I do enjoy his work. MJF is another guy I think is doing really well and I like his stuff a whole lot. I mean there really is. There’s such an amazing amount of young talent there that can be really really big deals. I can’t say enough good things about proud and powerful as a tag team those guys are extremely talented, really really good guys, really really great in the ring so the future’s bright at AEW.”

On wrestling without crowds:

Hardy: “If you don’t have anyone to interact with in the crowd, you have to remember you’re playing to the camera. You are playing to the viewer at home, sitting in front of the television watching, that’s what’s most important. And it kinda goes against everything fundamentally professional wrestlers do because we play to the fans in the very top row of the arena, typically , which, we’re like over the top exaggerators you know and that’s what our body language does you know so it kinda goes against what we do fundamentally so that’s my first advice, remember you know the people at home now, that is who we’re playing to. And you can be almost a little more subtle because it’s almost like being an actor on a show you can be a little more subtle, now we’re just doing it for the camera, we’re not pantomiming for the fan up in the top row.”

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