The Last Ride Chapter 3 Preview, Hammerstone Signs New Deal With MLW

Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images

The Last Ride Chapter 3 Preview

As fans get ready to watch Chapter 3 of Undertaker’s documentary, WWE is giving fans a glimpse into what they can expect with Chapter 3.

In this episode, The Undertaker expresses his desire to go out like Shawn Michaels did. The Undertaker discusses how he wants to have the perfect storybook ending match as his retirement match, which is partly why he has yet to retire from the ring.

Watch the preview of the episode below. What do you think would be the perfect storybook ending for The Undertaker? Comment below and let us know.

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Hammerstone Signs New Deal With MLW

Hammerstone took to twitter last night to reveal the news that he has signed a new deal to remain with MLW.

When asked why he made the decision, he said that fans have to understand how important pro wrestling is to him and proving that he is the best in the world. He said MLW has had tremendous matches in the last year and he is competing with some of the best wrestlers in the world while being given more than 5 minutes and not told how to talk/dress.

Hammerstone said, “I don’t want to just make money and retire. I want to create a legacy and I think MLW has given me that platform.” He said he appreciates the fans who asked him to go to bigger and better companies but he wants fans to check out MLW so he is not chained up.