Jon Moxley Puts Brodie Lee Through The Ramp, Retains Title At AEW Double Or Nothing

AEW Revolution Jon Moxley

Photo: AEW

Jon Moxley and Brodie Lee went at it at AEW Double or Nothing with the AEW World Championship on the line, and Moxley came away with a huge win, retaining his title in a match that left Lee bloody and completely knocked out by the end of things.

Things got hectic in the match between the two superstars, with Moxley even sending Lee through the entrance ramp with an insane Paradigm Shift. However, it was Moxley who was able to come away with the win at the end, and it was through somewhat unconventional means. Late in the match, Moxley and Lee began trading blows with each other before Moxley landed a DDT onto Lee, which he quickly converted into a rear-naked choke. With Lee not willing to tap out and unable to move to the ropes, Moxley simply held the submission in place until Lee passed out, forcing the referee to end the match.

For a brief recap of how things ended, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of AEW Double or Nothing:

Lee goes to bomb Mox down but no avail and Brodie does eventually hit a sit-out bomb for a very close call. Schiavone makes note that Lee’s boot reminds him of Bruiser Brody. Mox tries to get to his feet but can’t and then crawls his way to the stage. Mox grabs a chip and tosses it into the face of Lee. Mox goes for a Paradigm Shift, but Lee stops it. Mox then out of nowhere sends both he and Lee crashing through the stage with an elevated Paradigm Shift!

Brodie Lee is busted open. He goes for his lariat, but Mox hits a Paradigm Shift. It doesn’t keep Lee down. He slugs away hard at Lee and hits another modified DDT for another close call. He has Lee in a rear naked choke and passes Lee out for the KO victory.

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