MJF Defeats Jungle Boy In Competitive Rematch

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Following the Casino Ladder Match, MJF and Jungle Boy both got into the ring at AEW Double or Nothing for a singles match between two of the more popular superstars in the company. In the match, MJF proved why he’s one of the up and coming stars in All Elite Wrestling, taking down Jungle Boy in a nearly decisive match.

During the match, MJF saw himself in control for a majority of the bout, although Jungle Boy did get some good shots in here and there. Unfortunately for Jungle Boy, it was never enough, as MJF continued to wear down Jungle Boy throughout the match. Things ended when the pair got themselves stuck in constant pinfall attempts, with MJF rolling Jungle Boy over in a modified European clutch to get the win.

For a brief recap of how things ended, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of AEW Double or Nothing:

MJF continues to focus on JB’s left arm. The two exchange chops in the middle of the ring. Back and forth they go. MJF hits JB in the arm. He tries to run into Jack, but gets a superkick. MJF than hits a Canadian destroyer and falls on top of JB for a near fall. JB turns it into a crossface but can’t hold on. MJF bites the hand of JB. Action goes to the apron. JB hits a picture perfect reverse hurricanrana on the outside and Max is out. Aubrey begins the count, but JB doesn’t want to win that way. Using his head and one arm, he gets Max back in.  JB climbs the top rope but MJF grabs Aubrey’s leg and shoves her into the ropes, crotching JB on the turnbuckle. Sit-down powerbomb by JB from the top rope. Very near fall.

The two trade off pin attempts as MJF tries to lock in the Salt of The Earth. JB rolls him up but a kick-out. The two begin to roll through pin attempts, but a modified European clutch gets him the 1-2-3 win.

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