AEW Double Or Nothing Results (5/23/20) – Brian Cage Debuts, Two New Champions, Stadium Stampede!

AEW Double Or Nothing Live Results




Commentators: Excalibur & Taz

Tony Schiavone asks Jake Roberts if Lance Archer is ready. Jake asks Archer straight up. Archer has a sledgehammer and literally destroys a toilet with it as Jake laughs manically. Tony thinks he’s ready.

#1 Contendership For AEW Tag Team Championship

Private Party vs. Best Friends

Taylor and Cassidy start things off as Chuck maintains a side headlock. Cassidy escapes and the two slap hands in respect. Quin and Trent tag in. Standing moonsault by Quin, but a kickout. Trent catches Quin mid-air for a northern lights suplex. Double team elbow by Best Friends. Trent loses his headband as the teams exchange separate Osaka cutters.

Goes to Cassidy and Trent who gets back his headband, but Cassidy hits a modified DDT to gain control. Quinn gets the tag and steals Trent’s headband. Action goes to the outside and Trent spears Cassidy, but Quinn leaps over for a over the top senton to the outside.

Action soon gets back into the ring and a double stack assisted superplex by Best Friends gets a two count. Cocky covers by Chuck and Trent lead to two separate kick outs.

Chuck and Quinn are in the ring against one another. Excalibur mentions that Taylor hung in striking with Minoru Suzuki in Japan. Trent gets in and tries some offense against Quin but no dice. Private Party get on a roll.

Private Party isolate Trent with an array of double teams and tries for the pin after a leapfrog footstomp. Kick out.  Quin flips Cassidy into Trent but Trent turns it into a suplex. He regains the offense. The Best Friends focus on Cassidy and hit him with the half and half. They embrace.

A wild move gets executed by PP as Cassidy holds Trent down on the mat as Quinn stands on his back to hit him with a standing shooting star press.

Private Party later hit the G9 to pay homage to the late Shad Gaspard and Taz acknowledges how cool that was.

Quinn does hit the shooting star press on Trent and almost gets the fall but Chuck pulls him free.

Quinn and Trent continue to go at it, but it’s soon Private Party back in control. They go for the Gin & Juice but Trent rolls him over for a sunset flip. Near fall. Best Friends than hit their  finisher for the 1-2-3.


Arn Anderson is standing with Tony Schiavone and The Enforcer isn’t intimidated by Archer busting toilets. Unlike toilets, Cody hits back. Jake can DDT Arn, Arn could DDT Jake, Mike Tyson could knock somebody out – chaos essentially could happen. Arn doesn’t want people to forget leadership and guts. Cody has that and “The American Nightmare” will begin his own legacy tonight. He doesn’t doubt him.

Big video package featuring Jon Moxley vs. Brodie Lee tonight.

Excalibur introduces his broadcast colleagues  Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone.


Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Show starts off by giving a thank you to all the first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. All the roster get a moment to share their appreciation and a simple, yet touching Shad Gaspard tribute is aired.

Vickie Guerrero is ringside!

Joey Janela is shown and he talks about his inclusion in the Casino Ladder Match. What a Cinderella Story it would be for “The Bad Boy.” Next is Kip Sabian. Ladders are in his blood. Everyone is asking if Jimmy Havoc or Penelope Ford will get involved. All are gonna suffer in this match and the three will enjoy every single minute. Daniels gets his turn and takes off his facemask. He plugs the fact that his two partners in Kaz and Scorpio Sky in the match. In Daniels eyes, a win for either of them is a win for SCU. Orange Cassidy still isn’t sure of how the match works. His mutual cheer with The Best Friends is half-hearted.


Casino Ladder Match: Winner Gets An AEW World Title Shot

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky are the first two contestants. Bell rings and both go for their respective ladders, but then slide both of them out. The two lock-up and JR mentions their honor by actually wrestling instead of working together. The two go at it as the clock ticks down to 30 seconds.

Third Entrant: Kip Sabian

Havoc already becomes a factor who slides the ladder in the ring as Havoc and Kip double-team Sky. They then set their sights on Kaz. Havoc sets up a ladder in the corner and gets ready to drop Kaz on it, but Kaz reverses and suplexes Jimmy into it. Kaz gets close to pulling down the chip but Kip stops him.

Fourth Entrant: Darby Allin

Darby immediately takes out everybody. He pulls out the barricade to prop the ladder on the apron and the guardrails. He tosses his skateboard at Kaz’s face. He climbs the ladder with his board, does the sign of the cross, and leaps off but Kaz rolls free. Darby crashes through the ladder and holds onto his knee in great pain.

Fifth Entrant: Orange Cassidy

Cassidy walks over to ask the commentators how to win the match. Tony Schiavone is astounded and Cassidy isn’t very motivated. The ladder is laying down in the middle of the ring and he stands on top of it, but evidently cannot reach. He doesn’t really know how to set up a ladder.

Sixth Entrant: Colt Cabana

Cassidy approaches his same method, but Cabana tosses him out and nearly grabs the chip.  Colt climbs but his efforts gets thwarted. He falls with the ladder and his fingers get jammed in the rungs. Orange vaults himself onto the outside.

Seventh Entrant: Joey Janela

Bad Boy quickly runs in and takes out everybody with some flying. He dropkicks Colt and tries to climb the ladder but Kaz tosses him out. Kaz climbs but Janela grabs a chair to smack Kaz with it. Sky returns the favor. Kip soon finds himself with the ladder but Kaz becomes a factor. Kip tosses him out.

Eighth Entrant: Luchasaurus

The big man boots Sky down before powerbombing Kip onto the masses on the outside. Kaz goes back to fight Luchasaurus, but LS chokeslams him on the ladder before chokeslamming him again. Darby is back in the mix and hits a code red onto Luchasaurus from the top rope.

Ninth Entrant: Brian Cage (with Taz)

Cage is dominant after a smug Taz walks with him to the ring. Lots of power moves from The Machine. He suplexes Janela hard who yells “motherfucker” in anguish. Cage lays waste to everybody and Orange latches on his back as he climbs the ladder. Everybody pulls Cage down and they gang up on Cage. They knock him out of the ring with a ladder and everybody begins piling items on top of The Machine to keep him down, including one of the massive poker chips! Colt tries climbing, but Kip stops him. Scorpio Sky  corners Colt with a ladder but Sabian flies in with a Van Terminator onto Colt with a ladder. Soon it’s Orange and Kip slugging it out on the top of the ladder. Out comes Penelope in an attempt to distract. Orange knocks Kip off. Penelope climbs up and Orange grabs her to release Ford on top of her boy. Jimmy Havoc interferes again and out comes The Best Friends. It then becomes Luchasaurus against Orange. He hoists OC up for a chokeslam, but Orange shakes free and attempt one of his own. Marko Stunt comes in with a mini ladder and assists with a chokeslam. Kaz flies off with a hurricanrana onto Luchasaurus, but misses a bit. Janela gives OC a running DVD onto the outside on top of the poker chip with Cage still underneath. Janela tries climbing and Sky hits a TKO. Kaz leaps in on the other side and the two duke it out on top. Luchasaurus tips them off. Cabana gets booted off the apron. Cage soon unearthes himself as JR states and he and Luchasaurus are duking it out. Harsh kicks from both. Chokeslam gets flipped by Cage and he powerbombs Saurus onto a cornered ladder.

Cage begins to climb the ladder, but in comes Darby. He gets turned inside out by Cage before getting smacked with a Drillclaw. Out comes Taz directing traffic. Darby gets propped up on the top rope with a mini ladder and he gorilla presses Allin out of the ring with the ladder on his back. Cage climbs and pulls down that chip.

WINNER: Brian Cage


MJF vs. Jungle Boy

Bell rings as JR acknowledges Jungle Boy being the son of the late Luke Perry. JB rolls over MJF who is immediately frustrated. The two allude one anither as they exchange visual insults. MJF soon goes for a powder.

MJF gets back in and tests a lock up. The two eventually do and MJF knees him in the midsection. The two get locked up with their backs on the mat that gets a series of pin attempts. The two find one another in a lock-up handstand and the two trash talk. JB gives him some harsh receipts. Hard chops in the corner by JB. MJF feigns a knee injury and capitalizes with Jungle Boy’s back turned. He snapmares JB down with a headlock as Aubrey Edwards assesses.

MJF launches JB with a capture suplex and kips up JB shows a little offense but a back elbow downs him. JB goes for a reverse hurricanrana, but MJF stops it. JB rolls through for a pin attempt, but Max kicks out. Backbreaker by MJF. He hammers at JB in the corner. Arm whips him into the opposite cover. Lax cover causes a kick out.

MJF is in control but JB fires through escaping the corner with attacks and lays Max out. JB favoring his left arm.

JB rolls and hits Max with a double arm chop on the ropes. MJF takes him out on the outside but JB hits him with three outside dives to handle him down. A springboard middle rope DDT grounds MJF in the canvas and goes for the pin. MJF gets his foot on the ropes.

MJF continues to focus on JB’s left arm. The two exchange chops in the middle of the ring. Back and forth they go. MJF hits JB in the arm. He tries to run into Jack, but gets a superkick. MJF than hits a Canadian destroyer and falls on top of JB for a near fall. JB turns it into a crossface but can’t hold on. MJF bites the hand of JB. Action goes to the apron. JB hits a picture perfect reverse hurricanrana on the outside and Max is out. Aubrey begins the count, but JB doesn’t want to win that way. Using his head and one arm, he gets Max back in.  JB climbs the top rope but MJF grabs Aubrey’s leg and shoves her into the ropes, crotching JB on the turnbuckle. Sit-down powerbomb by JB from the top rope. Very near fall.

The two trade off pin attempts as MJF tries to lock in the Salt of The Earth. JB rolls him up but a kick-out. The two begin to roll through pin attempts, but a modified European clutch gets him the 1-2-3 win.



Inaugural AEW TNT Championship Match

Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts) vs. Cody Rhodes (with Arn Anderson)

Out comes Mike Tyson with his own theme and with the new red TNT Title. He’s rocking an AEW Double or Nothing tee.  Lance Archer comes out dragging Lee Johnson and he chokeslams him in the center of the ring. The official ring introductions are made and Bryce Remsburg gives the two the opportunity to shake hands to commemorate the occasion. Nothing doing.

Bell rings and Archer immediately hits The Blackout. Cody rolls out of the ring. Archer goes to the outside and locks eyes with Arn. Archer goes for The Claw but Cody catches hims arm in a hold. Archer breaks free and the two trade shots. Cody pulls the hawk of Archer. He soon goes for a cutter but Archer vaults him with a shoulder block sending Nightmare crashing onto the outside. The two soon brawl past the barricade. Archer catapults Cody from a railing back into the in-ring area.

Big clothesline by Archer. He gouges the face of Cody and Excalibur notes that these tactics have to be from the mind of Roberts. JR references the late great Spoiler as Archer walks the rope into a flipping moonsault. Tyson is shown enjoying the match from ringside. Archer is in control and lifts Cody up for a vert suplex, but Cody turns the tables and has Archer up. He tosses Lance down.

Archer soon exposes the turnbuckle pad. Cody still musters offense and drives his knuckle into The Murderhawk Monster’s ribs. He uses the corner post to pull on Archer. Cody ascends and Archer catches him into a military press and sends Cody onto the outside! Archer continues his attack on the outside.

Big Swole exchanges words with Murderhawk. Jake calls one of the women “a bitch” as back in the ring Archer chokeslams Cody for a two count. Archer grounds and pounds Cody before grabbing the ear of Cody and once more, Schiavone notes Jake’s dirty influence. Archer does a vaulting splash off the corner for a two count.

Archer continues to grind Cody down into the canvas. The two begin fighting on the outside. Archer sends Cody into the barricade. Lance begins to loom around the ring, enjoying himself as Cody starts to take shots at Archer, unphased. One shot knocks Cody down. Archer gets back in the ring and tries to intimidate official Remsburg. Cody counters and locks Lance into a modified crossface. He utilizes Archer’s ponytail. Jake gets on the entryway and distracts Cody, but Cody still gets vengeance by hitting a DDT onto Archer. Lance returns the favor by enforcing a spinebuster onto Cody. He stares down Arn afterwards as he climbs the turnbuckle. A kick to the head from Cody who hits a springboard cutter, but it only gets him a one count.

Cody channels his daddy with jabs and an elbow, he hits a Cross Rhodes, but only a two count. Stinger splash by Cody, Archer chokeslams him and it’s only a two count.

It’s not long before Archer walks across the ropes once more. Jake hops up on the apron and Arn crotches Archer down on the top rope. Cody avalanches Archer down. Out comes another ref to admonish Arn, Tyson makes note of the attack and both Jake and Arn get ejected. Jake comes out with a bag. Tyson comes to scare off Roberts.  Archer sets Cody up for a Blackout, but Cody rolls it into a Cross Rhodes and he hits him with a second one for the win!


Post-match, Mike Tyson raises Cody’s arm in victory before letting Cody has his moment. He is clearly emotional.

Dr. Sampson runs through the list of injuries that Britt Baker has suffered and he states how she is high-maintenance. Sampson states Britt will address her status on Wednesday’s Dynamite.


Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander

The two competitors show off their athleticism  before Ford gets dirty by biting Kris’ hand. Statlander launches Ford into the ropes, but Penelope slides free to the outside. Ford soon lures Statlander into an apron trap before Orton DDTing Kris into the ring.

Ford continues to kick the back of Statlander. Cover only gets a two count. She suplexes Kris down for two. Ford is in control.

Statlander reverses the momentum and tope dives onto both Ford and Sabian as all three crash into the barricade. Ford quickly rolls Kris up in the ring, but there’s a kick out.  Ford still has control until Kris forearms away at her. Hard roundhouse followed up by a release German suplex. Massive offensive attack by Statlander capitalized by a falcon arrow, but a kick-out.

Two get to a vertical base, Ford hits a stunner, but Statlander follows up with a clothesline. Ford and Kris both on the top turnbuckle, Kris gets shoved off and Ford hits a hurricanrana. It’s not enough to finish Statlander off as the #2 ranked contender hits her Big Bang Theory for the W.

WINNER: Kris Statlander


Shawn Spears vs. Dustin Rhodes

Out comes Shawn Spears in a suit instead of gear. He grabs a mic and says “Damn! That boy looks good in a suit! Spears says Dustin is at home washing his tights!” Dustin’s music hits and Shawn Spears awaits The Natural, but nothing happens. Spears reveals he was playing a trick on us (we fall for it every time). Spears demands Aubrey to count Dustin out. She begins the count. Dustin’s music hits again and Dustin doesn’t expect that. Out comes Brandi and from behind comes Dustin. The two begin fighting and the match is underway. Spears gets knocked silly at first and Dustin eventually disrobes The Chairman.

Spears eventually downs Dustin and wraps his own belt around his hand. He goes to assault Dustin with it.  Dustin ain’t having it and Dustin further disrobes Spears down to his skivvies. There’s a little bit of ass literally shown and we soon see that Tully Blanchard’s face is on his crotch. Spears rolls in and Dustin hits Spears with his rolling suplex finisher for the win.

WINNER: Dustin Rhodes

Quick promotion for ALL OUT, AEW’s next PPV which is set to take place on September 5.

AEW pays tribute to the tragic passing of Hana Kimura as Excalibur implores everyone to be a little bit nicer to one another. Just like Shad’s tribute earlier, simple, yet extremely touching.

Video package for Nyla Rose defending her AEW Women’s Championship against Hikaru Shida.


No Disqualification For The AEW Women’s Championship

Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose (c)

Nyla Rose comes out with the kendo stick she smacked Shida with earlier as official introductions are made. Referee Rick Knox holds up the belt and the bell rings. Nyla tries to use the kendo stick but Shida grabs hold of it. She swings at Nyla but Nyla grabs it back and begins assaulting her with it. Big bodyslam by Rose, but only a one count.

Shida eventually downs Rose and has her hanging over the apron. She delivers a running knee lift to Rose and Shida is fired up. Rose recovers and begins attacking Shida on the outside, choking her against the barricade with her boot. A table gets pulled out and launches Shida through a poker table that’s set up. Rose says to the camera “Always bet on black.” Rose sets Shida’s head on a chair and chokes her out with a second one.

Rose sets Shida up against the barricade and jabs a chair into Shida’s midsection before dumping her back over into the place of action. Back into the ring they go. Hard sidewalk slam by Rose. Splashes Shida and gets a two count.

Nyla goes for a Beast Bomb, but Shida turns it into a Frankensteiner. Shida goes for a suplex but Nyla reverses it into her own. Hard clothesline sends Shida to the outside. Nyla tries to fling Shida into the stage steps but Shida reverses such into a cross body. Hard knee nails Nyla down. Shida dumps Rose over the barricade and slams her face first into the big poker chip. Nice hip throw by Shida sends Rose on top of the poker chip. Shida utilizes the big chip to launch her knee into Rose crashing her against another poker chip. Shida grabs hold of the kendo stick. Hard smack to the left arm of Rose. She continues to deliver some hard shots to Rose and hits her with a brainbuster on top of the stick for a very near fall. Another hard knee by Shida and another near fall goes down. Shida slugs away at Rose, but Rose catches her with a powerslam akin to Billy Gunn’s. Rose sits up and yells in a rage.

Nyla hangs Shida over the tope rope. She climbs the turnbuckle, and delivers a hard knee across the back of Shida’s head. Rose goes and grabs that table. She sets it up in the corner of the ring. Nyla was going to hit Shida with a DVD through the table but Shida stops it. The two fight it out but Rose lays a clothesline one her. She powerbombs Shida through the table. Covers, but it’s a two count.

DVD by Rose who then goes and grabs the kendo stick. She lays it into Shida before climbing the turnbuckle. Shida tosses the kendo at Rose and climbs up to hit a falcon arrow from the top for a very close fall. Nyla nails Shida with the kendo before hitting her knee again, but Shida still gets a near fall. She hits Rose with the kendo stick across the head before executing the running knee and that’s good enough for the 1-2-3. New champ!


The announcers acknowledge again the tragedies that has befallen the wrestling world this week and makes note of how they hope AEW is helping with the sadness. Tony also notes the hardships that the pandemic has had on the world before tossing it to the preview of Brodie Lee vs. Jon Moxley tonight.


AEW World Championship

Brodie Lee vs. Jon Moxley (c)

Mox and Lee are separated by a line of security in the center of the ring. Lee stopped Dasha from making the official announcement and had her call him the “self-proclaimed AEW World Champ.” She then announces Moxley as the real champ. Security leaves and the bell rings. Mox launches himself into Lee but Lee catches him and attacks in the corner. Action very quickly goes to the outside and Mox dives onto Lee, sending him through the guardrail. Doesn’t stop Lee as he suplexes him onto the outside.

Lee follows his return to the ring with a series of suplexes and hits Mox with a hook in the corner. Lee sends Mox onto the outside and then Lee hits a tope of his own to crash Mox into the the open floor. The two trade shots. Mox aims to suplex Lee onto a leaning barricade, but Lee grabs hold of Mox and tosses him into the railing of Daily’s Place. he then sends Mox through the aforementioned barricade with a pump handle suplex. Lee is dead-eyed with a 1,000 mile stare.

The two get back to the ring and trade more shots.

Mox soon spikes Lee down and gets a close fall as Lee shoves a shoulder up. Brodie trying to walk it off on the outside and Mox takes hold of the steel steps. Mox takes a sec to hold his title before he gets met with a dropkick by Lee who flexes for the camera.

The two fight on top of the steel steps and Lee goes for a powerbomb, but Mox strengthens himself out and back body drops Lee off. The two fight their way to the closest turnbuckle and both get blasted down into the center of the ring. Lee soon tosses Mox into the big playing card display of the champ before slamming him down to add salt to the wound.

Lee goes to bomb Mox down but no avail and Brodie does eventually hit a sit-out bomb for a very close call. Schiavone makes note that Lee’s boot reminds him of Bruiser Brody. Mox tries to get to his feet but can’t and then crawls his way to the stage. Mox grabs a chip and tosses it into the face of Lee. Mox goes for a Paradigm Shift, but Lee stops it. Mox then out of nowhere sends both he and Lee crashing through the stage with an elevated Paradigm Shift!

Brodie Lee is busted open. He goes for his lariat, but Mox hits a Paradigm Shift. It doesn’t keep Lee down. He slugs away hard at Lee and hits another modified DDT for another close call. He has Lee in a rear naked choke and passes Lee out for the KO victory.


Mox says to the camera that Lee needs to keep his distance from him personally and professional between him and his title.


Stadium Stampede Match

The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Proud & Powerful & Sammy Guevara) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Adam Page & Matt Hardy)

Inner Circle enters with their own numbered jerseys and football helmets. The Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders are in attendance. The Elite come out with no jerseys or helmets. Hangman Page doesn’t enter. And the two teams charge each other in the center of the field.

Match is total chaos as it takes a while for anyone to get into the ring.

Hangman comes out riding a horse and chases down Sammy who literally runs out of the stadium. It’s finally Nick Jackson and Jericho in the ring.Nick ends up getting the better of Le Champion as the Bucks eventually take him out. Santana and Ortiz soon take out Nick before knocking Matt out too. Kenny comes in and dragon suplexes Santana down. Matt Hardy hits a side effect.  In returns Sammy who knees Matt on his way back to the ring. Guevara goes for a shooting star press but Matt rolls out of the way and Hardy soon hits a Twist of Fate on Sammy. Kenny sets sight for Guevara, but gets pulled out of the ring. An Asai moonsault takes everybody out and soon Sammy Guevara does the same with a standing shooting star press on the outside (Excalibur ain’t lying when he says this match is hard to document). Trash can shots down some of The Elite members as Inner Circle has hold of the offense. Guevara and Jericho gang up on Nick Jackson.

Matt Jackson climbs a 12 foot ladder to moonsault off of the goalpost onto the IC. Action soon finds its way into the stands. It’s Santana and Ortiz double teaming Omega.

Page is shown back on his horse somewhere in the hallways of TIAA Bank Field before they show his saddling his way to the bar. Omega is still fighting off Proud & Powerful and gets salt to the eyes courtesy of the concession stand. They then powerbomb him eight feet up through a propped up barricade. In comes Hardy to save the match. Santana controls The Broken One as he and Ortiz send Hardy into the swimming pool.  Santana goes  into the pool and tells  Ortiz to jump in. He can’t swim, but still  is brave enough to jump in to the three feet. They keep putting Hardy under water and every time they do, a different historical version of Hardy pops up. He coaxes Ortiz out of the pool and attacks him onto a table before back body dropping Santana on top of him. There’s a very big bell at TIAA and Matt rings it completely immobilizing Ortiz. He duct tapes him to the chair of wheels.  Santana begins to attack Matt and lifts him up for an Outsider’s Edge. Matt wriggles free and shoves Santana into an ice box. He locks Santana in rendering both Proud and Powerful obsolete.

Hager finds Page at the Lobby bar and the two drink before fighting. Hager knees PAge and sends him flying over the pool table. Hager slams Hangman down on top of the table. and then slides him across the bar.  Gutwrench powerbomb through a table and then gets a very close fall. Kenny bashes a beer bottle against Hager’s head, but it doesn’t phase him. A few more bottles of the bubbly do, and Hangman Buckshot Lariats Hager over the bar. He and Kenny then share a drink of milk & whiskey.

We see Sammy and Matt Jackson duking it out. The two outwit one another but Matt then delivers his signature locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes as Jericho faces off against Nick. We cut back to Matt and he’s still nailing Sammy with suplexes. Jericho grabs hold of the a loudspeaker but Jackson fires back literally with footballs. Jericho sends Nick into the mouth of a Jaguar head before he delivers a Judas Effect to Jackson Deville, the Jaguars mascot. We see Matt going the distance with the field suplexes.  Jericho finds his Floyd and hits Nick with it. He gets a near fall and Jericho challenges the play. Definitely a kick out. Matt finishes up his suplexes and does an Alex Wright endzone dance. It gets flagged by Rick Knox who then gets superkicked.

The Bucks soon prop Jericho up on the table and Nick climbs into the stands he runs down a huge flight of steps. Nick leaps up and crashes through the table on top of Jericho.  Hangman walks out with a line marker and paints Jericho up the middle in white.

Sammy crawls to mid-field and is awakened by the sprinklers. He thinks he won, but then sees Kenny and Matt Hardy coming in on a golf cart. He Lambeau Leaps into the stands. This ends up being a bad move on Sammy’s part as in comes a new Vanguard 1, NEO, comes in to stall Guevara’s efforts. Kenny then gives Guevara a One-Winged Angel off the entryway (a huge fall) for the victory.

WINNERS: The Elite

Post-match, Omega gets a Gatorade bath to close out the show.