Lance Archer Recalls His Directionless Days In WWE’s ECW Brand


This week’s Talk Is Jericho podcast features a conversation between AEW’s breakout Murderhawk Monster and Le Champion. Lance Archer covers a lot of his career, but one of the most interesting bits comes from the discussion of his call up from WWE’s developmental brand to ECW.

Lance states that his FCW persona would look pretty familiar to current-day fans. He ran as a long-haired biker type for six months on the Florida circuit, and then it all changed when Vince and Johnny Ace needed him for TV. After practicing minutes before showtime, he was told to cut his hair, shave his face, and strip away his entire gimmick.

I was still getting that opportunity but everything that I’d created in my mind as an identity was kind of taken away.

Lance continued that he didn’t want to make a fuss about any part of his presentation, as he was coming in from TNA at the time and he knew that several other talents from the promotion had crashed and burned. The most important thing was getting on TV, and it’s arguable that that exposure led to the opportunity at challenging for the TNT Championship this evening.

You can hear Lance talk about his early WWE career in full in the podcast clip below:

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