Deonna Purrazzo Discusses Working WWE TV Tapings Under COVID-19 Guidelines

deonna purrazzo

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Newsweek has an article looking at pro wrestling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In the article, Deonna Purrazzo talked about working under COVID-19 guidelines at the WWE tapings in Orlando, Florida.

Purrazzo departed from the company as part of the mass talent and staff releases done by WWE related to the virus. Here is what she had to say: 

“We were given the option and were told had we said no, it wouldn’t be held against us. I don’t believe that. I feel like a lot of people do feel pressured. It’s a very presumptuous thing to ask people to do right now—to choose to work or not. Especially in the political company that we work in, people don’t believe they’re not going to lose their job or their spot [on the show] if they say no. It’s a really hard choice to ask people to make.”

“It’s just a scary thought because you don’t know who’s been exposed to what. And then we’re touching each other, we’re sweating on each other. I don’t think, no matter what precautions can be taken, that it’s necessarily the safest option.”

You can check out the full article here.