AJ Styles Traded To SmackDown, Beats Shinsuke Nakamura In IC Tournament

aj styles

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

During tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, it was revealed that AJ Styles – a longtime member of Monday Night RAW – had been traded to the blue brand, with RAW getting “future considerations” in return for the superstar.

During his latest SmackDown debut, Styles took down Shinsuke Nakamura in a WWE Intercontinental Championship tournament, locking up a match against Elias in the process. Styles and Nakamura fought hard in their match, but it was eventually Styles who was able to come away with the win, and now he’ll be looking to continue winning on his new brand.

For more on the match between Styles and Nakamura, check out below:

Styles and Nakamura lock up. Styles drives Nakamura into the corner. Styles gives Nakamura a clean break. Nakamura and Styles trade strikes and submission holds. Styles catches Nakamura with a dropkick. Nakamura surprises Styles with a back elbow. Nakamura tells Styles to come on. Styles trips Nakamura into the top turnbuckle. Nakamura exchange blows. Nakamura the second rope.  Nakamura hits a sliding German suplex off the second rope.

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