Miz & Morrison Get Title Shot, Face Braun Strowman In A Handicap Match At Backlash 

braun strowman

Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

The Miz and John Morrison are still looking to continue their recent beef with Braun Strowman and Otis, as during tonight’s segment of The Dirt Sheet, the pair continued to call out Mr. Money in the Bank and the WWE Universal Champion. However, after Miz lost singles match to the champ, John Morrison quickly issued a unique challenge for WWE Backlash.

Strowman took down The Miz after being called out by him, coming down to the ring and making short work of his opponent in a singles match with Morrison looking on. Following Strowman’s win, Morrison grabbed a microphone and said that while Strowman had won a tag team match last week and a singles match this week, he knew one match Strowman couldn’t win. He then challenged Strowman to a Handicap Match against both Miz and himself for the WWE Universal Championship. Not one to back down from a challenge, Strowman quickly accepted, setting the stage for a potentially big night on the pay-per-view.

For a recap of how Strowman’s match against The Miz went, check out below:

Miz decks Strowman. Strowman charges at Miz. Miz goes behind Strowman. Strowman drives Miz into the corner. Strowman clubs Miz in the chest. Strowman whips Miz into the corner. Miz crashes into the turnbuckle hard. Strowman floors Miz with a shoulder block. Miz pulls down to top rope, causing Strowman to fall to the outside. While the referee is distracted, Morrison leaps off the barricade and lands a disaster kick. Miz sends Strowman into the ring post. Strowman rolls back into the ring. Miz hits a springboard axhandle. Miz tries another but gets toss across the ring by Stroman. Strowman block Miz’s DDT attempt. Strowman tosses Miz clear across the ring. Morrison gets on the apron. Strowman clubs Morrison. Strowman crushes Miz with a Running Powerslam for the win.

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