Carmella And Corey Graves Launching Relationship Podcast This June

Corey Graves

After a string of successful Instagram streams brought on by the pandemic lockdown, it seems like Carmella and Corey Graves are giving the fans more of what they want. Carmella announced via Twitter that she and her significant other will launch a new relationship podcast on June 11. The show, which is produced outside of the WWE bubble, is officially described as “Leah & Matt… [diving] headfirst into relationship issues that EVERYONE has, but are often too afraid to talk about.”

Fans looking to check out the first episode are encouraged to follow the show on Twitter and keep an eye out on any of the various podcasting platforms out there. Corey Graves is no stranger to the podcasting scene, producing “After The Bell” for WWE on a weekly basis. With that experience and the natural chemistry the pair displayed throughout the lockdown, it’s sure to be an interesting endeavor.

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