Alexa Bliss Reveals Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy Was Kept Secret, How Everyone Reacted Backstage

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

The WWE Universe was thrown for quite the loop when Becky Lynch announced that she was stepping away from wrestling for a bit because she was expecting a child. Speaking to Express Sports, WWE superstar Alexa Bliss revealed that Lynch’s pregnancy was a full secret, and discussed how the WWE locker room reacted.

“No actually, we all found out at the same time when she announced it,” she said. “Nobody knew, everyone kept it very secret which they should because that is her news to announce, which is awesome and we’re all so happy and excited for.”

When asked how the locker room reacted to the news, Bliss revealed the entire group of superstars were all happy for her. “I did reference it on Moment of Bliss and it wasn’t even on my script. So we had to add it in after because it was kept so secret, which it should be because that’s their exciting news to announce,” she said. “Everyone was so excited, all the girls were smiling. It was great because she’s had such an amazing year. I said congrats and told her that we’re all so happy for her but she had a camera crew with her so I didn’t want to bug her with everything because everyone was going to come up and say something, so I said congrats and everything.”

Thankfully, despite the superstars being kept in the dark, it seems like they were all extremely happy for Lynch, and as she takes time off to become a mom, the locker room will do nothing but support her throughout the process.

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