Martha Hart Says WWE’s Comments Are ‘Reckless,’ Says The Truth Is Her Defense

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Photo By Russell Turiak/Getty Images

The tensions between Owen Hart’s widow Martha Hart and WWE have continued to grow over the last 24 hours, with a new interview from Martha Hart blasting WWE’s response to Hart’s recent comments.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Martha Hart called the stunt that claimed Owen Hart’s life “negligent,” detailing just how in danger Hart was during the moments that led up to his untimely death. In response to the comments, WWE’s legal representative Jerry McDevitt, responded, accusing Hart of trying to “fix the judicial selection process” in Kansas City and saying that Martha Hart just wanted to accuse WWE of wrongdoing.

In a brand new interview with The Daily Beast, Hart tore into the comments from McDevitt, calling them “reckless” and “pathetic.” “In response to Jerry McDevitt’s recent comments I want to make it very clear, if there was one person on this planet who wanted to get to the bottom of what happened to my husband Owen it was me!,” she said. “The defense on the other hand was doing everything in their power to muddy the waters (as they try to continue to do) in an effort to detract from the case because they didn’t have one. I read every single affidavit taken, sat through endless face-to-face depositions, and spent over a year of my life dissecting every solitary fact of this case. To insinuate for one second that I of all people did not care about the truth behind Owen’s death, but instead was more interested in a ridiculous vendetta against the wrestling business, is beyond the pale.”

“Jerry McDevitt’s comments are absolutely absurd, reckless, and pathetic,” she continued. “I am not surprised that the WWE would trot out Mr. McDevitt to do damage control. After all, the events surrounding Owen’s death and the aftermath that followed are extremely disturbing and do not reflect well on their company. Not to mention that Linda McMahon was the acting CEO of the WWF (now WWE) at the time of Owen’s death, which does not bode well for them either, especially given her ties to President Donald Trump and his administration. At the end of the day truth has always been my defense and for anyone who seeks it regarding this case and the events surrounding Owen’s death I suggest they read my book. It is all in there.”

Clearly, Martha is not happy about the way that WWE has responded to her regarding the issue, and is not done trying to bring what happened to her husband to light. Whether or not things will settle down between the two parties will remain to be seen, but presently, it seems like things will forever remain rocky.

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