NWA Launches Carnyland Patreon, Become A Town Council Member For $50

NWA Carnyland

Last week, the National Wrestling Alliance teased the introduction of Carnyland, and after revealing that it’s a Patreon that sets to create podcasts and videos, you can check out how you can help.

The Patreon for Carnyland is officially up and features a handful of tiers, ranging from $5 patron tiers that allow you to get early access to Carnyland content, all the way to the highest tier, which allows you to become a “Town Council Member” of Canryland.

The highest tier is currently set at $50/month, and allows you to see what happens in Carnyland ad-free, gives you access to an exclusive once-a-month town council meeting, 25% off merch in the NWA/Carnyland store, a certificate of Citizenship, and much more. You can check out the full tiers and their respective rewards by visiting the Patreon for Carnyland now.

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